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Visiting Hemingway's Cuba

View from Hemingway's room in the Hotel Ambos Mundos, in the background the Old Fort of Havana can be seen

The Cuban Capital, which would have been newly constructed when Hemingway first arrived in Cuba. It is based off the U.S. Capital though it has slightly larger dimensions. Currently it is not the seat of any part of the Cuban Government

The Hotel Nacional, opened in 1930 and was home to a regulated Casino, it has housed dozens of celebrities when they came to visit Cuba  

The Mig 21, an Eastern Bloc fighter jet, which would have been used by the Cuban Airfare during the Cuban Missile Crisis

 A truck in the Museum of the Revolution that Fidel Castro used in an attack on Batista during the Cuban Revolution. Dozens of men were stuffed into this truck in the surprise attack

A fortification in Cojimar, Cuba where The Old Man and the Sea takes place. As Santiago went out fishing for the Marlin he would have seen this fortification as he headed out to sea.

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